Save Time with Automation

Time is one of our most valuable assets today.  If we told you there was a way you could save time and still be successful, would you take advantage of it?  Of course! That’s why we all rely more on automation—whether we realize it or not.  At ENSO Accounting, we’re concerned with more than tax preparation.  We want to work alongside you, helping you to achieve your goals, and putting more time back in your day.  To start, we recommend implementing the following systems:

For Tracking Purposes

How much time do you spend tracking mileage and calculating expenses?  Five minutes here, 15 minutes there, or (worse) waiting until the end of the year to pile it all up—that’s too much.  Realistically, it shouldn’t take any more than a few seconds if you’re using the right tools.  They have apps that can record, share, and compile all of this information for you!

While you can pick free apps in each category—one for mileage, one for expenses, one for recordkeeping, etc.  If you’re truly trying to save time, why not pay a nominal fee for one that does everything? Our recommendation for automation is definitely QuickBooks.  Although it requires a subscription, it automates all of these tasks, and then some! Better yet, it allows your accountant (i.e. us) to access this data remotely.  Therefore, if you need compliance paperwork filed in a hurry, we should already have everything thing we need to get the job done.  Without taking any more of your time.

For Payroll Purposes

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate.  We’d like to take at least a few of those things off your workload.  Like worrying about how you’re going to get paid or how you’re going to pay your employees.  If you’re not familiar with payroll, this administrative task that can consume a lot of your time!  Fortunately, we partner with an automated payroll service that can save you time and money.

Plus, we can bring automation to your invoicing, as well.  With QuickBooks, you can automatically generate invoices and send them to your clients.  There are even ways to receive notifications when that invoice is settled!  This eliminates that lag between when the job is complete and when you receive payment, so you always have a positive cashflow on hand.

For Reporting Purposes

Do you ever wonder how your business is doing?  Are you operating in the red?  In the black? Are you seeing increases above previous years’ records?  In order to access this information, you need a way to compile and analyze data—fast. Again, you have a number of options to choose from, but QuickBooks is still one of our favorites.

They have more than 50 different reports available for your use at any given moment.  If you need a balance sheet, an income statement, or a cash flow report, we can access all of the above instantly!  The hardest part of this automation is probably figuring out all of the different commands.  That’s why we keep a QuickBooks Pro Advisor on staff for your convenience.

We’re prepared to lead you into automation with trainings, around the clock assistance, and remote access. We like to think of it as the future of accounting!  Not only will you save time at the end of the day, but you’ll also have a better understanding of how your business—and business processes—work.  With help from ENSO Accounting, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to!  Including automating many time-consuming tasks around the office.