The Future of Accounting

At ENSO Accounting, we try to stay at the forefront of the industry.  With the latest news, technologies, and time-saving tips, we can better serve our customers.  But it’s not just that.  In case you hadn’t noticed, the field of accounting is changing!  If you’re still working with an accountant whose primary concern is filing your taxes, then it’s time to team up with a company who’s looking toward the future.

Yes, Taxes Are Still Important

Now, we’re not trying to downplay the importance of tax season.  We’re just pointing out that that’s no longer the focal point of the accounting industry.  In fact, we’ve been saying for yearsthat your annual tax filing is a report card of sorts.  If you’ve been working with us, then we should know exactly what they’re going to say.  But they’re still a great way to review your financial standings and ensure that the accounting practices we’ve put in place are working.

We’re Working Year-round

Whereas many accounting firms breathe a collective sigh of relief after April 15th, we’re still going strong!  Although we prefer to start planning at the beginning of the year—or better yet, at the end of the previous year.  We know not everyone’s used to this schedule.  In reality, when it’s time to file your taxes, it’s far too late to mitigate them effectively.  However, if we start looking for potential deductions and categorizing expenses now, we can really get ahead of things.

How often do you talk with your current accountant?  Once a year? Maybe twice?  At ENSO Accounting, we offer service packages, rather than the hour-based preparations you see now.  So, we can check in regularly throughout the year, whether you have a question, or you’d just like to review your finances for the past month.

Especially as we work together to implement more efficient accounting practices, it’s important to have an actual person you can call without incurring billable hours.  For example, if we suggest changing your payroll services to save you time and money, we want to make sure you’re set up properly and all of your quarterly statements are filed automatically. Depending on what software you’re using currently, we may also suggest moving toward QuickBooks Pro or another cloud-based program.  We won’t leave you to go through this alone!  Whether we work together remotely or in your office, we’re happy to be available to our clients year-round.

Accounting & Advisory Services Combined

Thanks to today’s technology, we’re able to spend less time doing manual computations.  That leaves us more time to work with you!  Once we have the right systems in place, then we can help you review reports and use this information more effectively.  Ultimately that means you know exactly how much you make (after all the profits and losses have been compared).  You know what your seasonal cash flow looks like and you have access to additional financing when you need it.  Let’s not forget about budgeting and projections that will allow you to grow at your own pace!

This is the future of accounting.  If you’re not working with a firm that offers all of these advisory services, then what’re you waiting for?  Contact ENSO Accounting today to learn more about how our approach to accounting can save you time, money, and hassle.  We look forward to helping you and your business!